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California Multicultural Society

Cultural celebrations define civilizations. Whether it is a religious holiday, a wedding, a harvest festival, or a national observance, our celebrations are woven into our overall cultural identity.

California Multicultural Society is dedicated to helping create community events that allow people and families to partake in the traditions and customs celebrating the communities to which they belong. Celebrating your traditions helps keep you grounded in your own culture even while adapting to new ones.  

Celebrating a special day can help you connect with fellow community members in your area who can also enjoy your shared cultural heritage.

Celebrating your traditions is perhaps most important with your children who may be more distant from cultural roots without the help from elder family members. Establishing and celebrating family traditions with your children gives them a sense of their history and where they come from, as well as where they fit into the family structure. These events can make lasting impressions.

Traditional celebrations are an excellent opportunity for intercultural exchange and understanding. Both kids and adults learn and grow through these cultural celebrations.

So next time you see one of your traditional holidays approaching on the calendar, start planning, invite your friends, involve the kids, and see if CMS can support your efforts to maintain your cultural traditions through organized community events in your area.